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Harbour Breton (Pop. 1711in 2011) is located on the south coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Twelve miles east of Grand Falls-Windsor or forty-eight miles west of Gander, take the Bay D'Espoir Highway, Route 360, south for 200 kilometers. Your driving experience across the central interior of the province will surely provide you an up-close and personal touch with nature.

You may encounter along your way any number of moose and caribou for which the region is famous. As well, there are many streams and ponds near the highway where a meal of trout can be caught. Some streams are licensed and protected waterways and therefore we advise you to check for posted signs before trying your luck. If you are a birdwatcher, keep an eye out for the ever popular eagle that sometimes builds it nest in the treetops near the highway. Nearing the coast, the highway takes you over some very high country and then snakes along the tops of fiords offering a scenic, panoramic view of Connaigre Bay. There are many lookoff areas along the route allowing for safe, convenient places to do some sightseeing. Some hills are extremely steep so please exercise caution while driving in these areas.
Before you have had time to take in the breathtaking scenery and wildlife, you'll be in Harbour Breton - the capital of Newfoundland's south coast. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop by the Town Hall, at the entrance to the town, where our staff will be happy to assist you.

Tourist Map

To help you plan your Harbour Breton Adventure, we have prepared a handy tourist map & brochure . The map will help guide you to all of the remarkable attractions Harbour Breton has to offer, as well as to handy services which will help make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable. Just click on the map to view the full size version in the Harbour Breton Tourism Brochure.


Visit the Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre, a Queen Anne style home built in the early 1900's for a local merchant, Mr. John J. Rose, and learn about our Town's history where for each room of the house, from the Servant's Quarters to the Widow's Walk, has adopted a theme.
The Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre has won the prestigious Manning Award. In 1997, the committee sponsored a training program in period costume research, design and production. Local people now make costumes consistent with the history of the town and wear them during special occasions such as the Tradition by the Sea festival - a celebration of the heritage of the town, it's historical dependency on the sea and it's people who have endured many hardships over the years to make Harbour Breton the town it is today.


Elliot Premises1.png

The Elliott Premises is a waterfront property located on the south side of Harbour Breton. Once used as a fishing premises, a herring plant, a general/grocery store and more recently a craft store it was purchased by the Town of Harbour Breton in 2003. During the period between March 2005 and January 2007 a redevelopment initiative was undertaken converting the facility into a cafe, craft store, performance theatre, and a marina. This development was greatly enhanced as a result of efforts by the Federal and Provincial Governments to assist the community through a crisis resulting from the closure of the local fish processing operation.


Be sure to visit this unique facility during your Harbour Breton Stay. 


Nestled along the North Shore of Fortune Bay, at the mouth of Harbour Breton Bay Fjord, Harbour Breton is surrounded by the wonders of nature.

Launch your Kayak in the protected Harbour and make your way east across the mouth of Harbour Breton Bay fjord to the resettled community of Jersey Harbour. There you can paddle up to a historic shipwreck that has punctuated the natural beauty of the harbour for decades. Land your Kayak and walk through the overgrown paths that were the sidewalks of the original settlers. Enjoy a "mug up" on the stone beach before returning to the thriving community across the bay.

On a boat ride to Harbour Breton Bay, one would see an ancient glacial fjord, where the geologic process of isostatic rebound has resulted in sheer cliffs and wooded hillsides that drop 1000ft to the waters below. Grassy fields, gravel beaches and waterfalls dot the magnificent walls of the Fjord.

Newfoundland is known as "The Rock" for good reason. The topography around Harbour Breton has resulted in many exposed rock faces, ripe with opportunity for the experienced rock climber. Since most of these rock faces are adjacent to arms of the sea, arriving at the top of your climb will definitely be worth the effort it took to get there. Unimaginable unspoiled vistas unparalleled on earth, and you are also highly likely to see Osprey, Bald Eagles and countless species of Sea Birds. Make sure you don't forget your camera.

An overland hike on any of the bogs that sit atop the neighbouring hills will reveal remarkable, flora, fauna and photo opportunities. Make Harbour Breton your base for a multi-day excursion to the Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve, one of the last natural reserves unspoiled by the activities of man in the world!

Visit the town of Rencontre East, one of the few remaining isolated fishing communities that were historically a common site along the rugged south coast of Newfoundland. Create your own adventure as you step back in time to a way of life that is becomming increasingly rare in our modern times. Historic houses, traditional fishing practices and uniquely Newfoundland Outport culture, cradled between the Hills of Fortune Bay's beautiful north shore and a short trip from Harbour Breton.