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Town Council

Mayor and Councilors:

Lloyd Blake - Mayor

Roy G Drake - Deputy Mayor


  • Loretta Abbott

  • Donald Stewart

  • Fabian Manning

  • Colby Whittle

  • Neil Bond

Office Staff:

Tanya Rogers         -  Manager

Tina Bungay           -  Economic Development Officer

Chantell Cribb        -  Accounts Receivables Clerk

Public Works:

Jody Soper                 - Town Superintendent

Theodore Snook         - Laborer

William Molloy            - Dump Attendant / Laborer

George Drake             - Heavy Equipment Operator

Kevin Molloy               - Heavy Equipment Operator


Pansy Blackmore         - Tour Guide, Sunny Cottage

Diane Mullins               - Elliott Premises Coordinator


Anthony Augot             - Arena Manager

Rodney Tibbo              - Arena Attendant

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