Welcome to the 
own of Harbour Breton!

The historic Town of Harbor Breton is located on the Connaigre Peninsula on Newfoundland's South Coast. It was founded by early European settlers who depended on the rich fish resources in the many bays and inlets dotting our beautiful rugged coastline.

Today, the traditional fishery & aquaculture is the mainstay of the town's economy. More recently though, new emerging fisheries and aquaculture along with eco-tourism have helped diversify the economy and offer new opportunities for prospective investors.

We are optimistic about the Town's future. We see opportunities for growth in our economy, a modern and well equipped health facility, an efficient school system, modern recreation facilities, a stable and industrious workforce, tourist attractions, a generous tax structure for potential investors and a municipal service infrastructure with all the modern amenities.

We see ourselves as a proud, progressive community with a strong sense of history and culture. All of this makes us extremely optimistic as we confidently head into the future.

We encourage you to browse the information provided by our web site and invite you to contact us if you have any concerns, questions or interests in our community.

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Harbour Breton accommodations includes The Southern Port Hotel, Harbour Breton Efficiency Units, Deadman's Cove RV Park.