Our Mission

The Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre, owned by the Town of Harbour Breton, and managed by the Sunny Cottage Corporation, has been obtained to tell the story of the founding family of the cottage, the Rose family (1907) and the continual preservation of the cottage through the Stewart family to 1996.

The Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre, through the Sunny Cottage Corporation, will also collect, preserve, research, exhibit, and interpret other community artifacts/displays depicting aspects of Harbour Breton's rich and colourful history, namely, the Newman & Company history, our strong connection with the sea, and resettlement, all in a manner as not to take away from the importance of the history of the cottage itself.

The Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre will serve the inhabitants of Harbour Breton and the surrounding area by carrying out these functions and emphasizing special activities at the centre, providing those activities are not detrimental to the integrity of the Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre and its collections. The Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre should provide the citizens of Harbour Breton and visitors with a better understanding of the history and culture of our community.