Sunny Cottage Activities

100th Anniversary Activities

May 30: 100th Anniversary Celebration Kick Off.
May 31 - June 4: School/Student visits to the Cottage.
June 12 - Sept 4 (Saturdays): Local Entertainment at the Sunny Cottage Tea Room.
July 11: Sunny Cottage Garden Party.
July 25: Museum Day (Locals tour the Cottage for free).
August 14: Sunny Cottage: Stewart Family Day.
August 31: Sunny Cottage Birthday Party.

Guided Tours

Tour guides dressed in period costumes will take you through the Newman & Co. Room, the Resettlement Room, the Servants' Quarters, the Stewart-Rose Room, and many other nooks that this magnificant structure possesses.

Senior's Card Game

Every Wednesday afternoon during tourist season Sunny Cottage will host a card game for seniors in the community. A small fee covers prizes and a meal.

Pea Soup Day

Saturday's lunch in Newfoundland is traditionally a pea soup meal. Occassionally the Cottage serves pea soup to the public. The Corporation members and tour guides all assist in cooking and serving the meal.

Taste Traditional Newfoundland Food

Visitors are given the opportunity to taste traditional Newfoundland food in our kitchen. Tour guides cook such samples as molasses buns, toutins, and fruit cake. As visitors sample the food, they yarn with our friendly staff.

Canada Day

Canada Day Celebrations are an annual event on the Sunny Cottage grounds.

Sunny Cottage Flea Market

The Sunny Cottage Flea Market is an annual event. Items are donated to the cottage for this fundraiser. Monies realized goes towards the preservation of the cottage.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

This is an annual event every December. Bulbs are lit in memory of departed loved ones. Carol singing, speeches, and hot chocolate are a part of the ceremony.

Card Game Mug Up Canada Day Garden Party