A Modern, Multi-Purpose Facility in a Unique Colonial Setting . . .

The Elliott Premises

The Elliott Premises is a waterfront property located on the south side of Harbour Breton. Once used as a fishing premises, a herring plant, a general/grocery store and more recently a craft store it was purchased by the Town of Harbour Breton in 2003. During the period between March 2005 and January 2007 a redevelopment initiative was undertaken converting the facility into an interpretation centre, performance theatre, and a marina. This development was greatly enhanced as a result of efforts by the Federal and Provincial Governments to assist the community through a crisis resulting from the closure of the local fish processing operation.

The unexpected closure of local fish plant in November 2004 resulted in approximately 350 workers losing their sole source of income. The two years since have seen many changes to the landscape of Harbour Breton as new attractions were constructed and others renovated. Most of the work was completed by local workers displaced from the fish plant. Discover how these building were raised to new heights and the 10 steps to moving a store house with the power of the tides.

Though still in the early stages of programming and interpretation development, residents and tourists alike will be able to visit and gain an appreciation of how this building helped the Town of Harbour Breton through one of the most challenging periods in its history. On-going assessment and development of opportunities associated with the Elliott Premises will continue in the months and years to come so please keep checking in on us through this website.

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